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The only tips you’ll need to work productively from home during the COVID-19 crisis

13 March 2020
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​As many organisations implement remote working strategies as a measure of combatting the spread of the COVID-19 virus (more info here), many employees are faced with the reality of working from outside the familiarity of the office environment.


Although working remotely is a step in increased social distancing, it can be difficult to maintain the productiveness that is achieved in a team environment.


We have compiled a few tips to ensure that you are working at the top of your ability remotely:


Find your Zen Den


It is vitally important that you find a comfortable space to work from. In order to increase social distancing, avoid cafes and restaurants but rather look inside your home for options. Be mindful of foot traffic and interruptions, a quiet room with a desk and comfortable chair is what you’re looking for. Don’t work from your bed, as tempting as it might sound, getting up and dressed will have you set for the day ahead and ensure you’re in the right mindset for focused work.


Time Management


Give yourself the freedom to manage your time to fit your schedule but the structure to ensure productivity is maintained. Be strict on your lunch hour and break times to ensure you’re giving yourself the breaks you need.


Limit Distractions


Lockdown is a tricky time for those with kids, family members and housemates, but make sure they understand you need time alone to concentrate.  Set a timer for focused time where you can commit yourself fully to your work and use the downtime to unwind and take advantage of surrounding home comforts.


Do you have any thoughts on working from home during the COVID-19 crisis? Contact us now!