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Interviewing During the #IrelandLockdown? Tips for Video and Phone Interviews

13 March 2020 by Katie Markham
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​As more and more companies implement a remote working strategy as a response to the Taoiseach’s COVID-19 reaction announcement, video and phone interviews are becoming a necessity.

Interview processes are taking a step back from the traditional face to face processes and being streamlined online. Here are a few hints and tips for job seekers who are faced with the challenge of a video or phone interview:


📽 Video Interview:


Test, test, test!

The most important thing to do when preparing for a video interview is to test your environment, equipment and projection before you take any video call from a potential employer.

Think to yourself “What will they see?”

  • Ensure your laptop is level enough so that your face can be seen clearly

  • Whether at a kitchen table or a desk make sure your background is suitable – sitting with your back to a wall is always a safe bet and ensures your background will not change due to housemates, pets or children (ala


  • If you can’t sit anywhere comfortable with your back against a wall – ensure kids, dogs, cats, roommates are in another room and doors are closed


“Arrive” early

Start to click through to the video link 5 to 10 minutes beforehand so you are not flustered or struggling with the technology when the interview starts


Dress Appropriately

Ensure you are dressed as you would if the interview was face-to-face – this includes your full attire. No one will know if you are wearing a shirt and tie with your pyjama pants !


Make sure your settings are ready beforehand

In the settings on your computer make sure you have allowed your programme access to the microphone and camera.


The benefits of a video interview

Although many would prefer a face to face interview, a video call offers a lot of positives. Take time to write out a few key points you want to make on post-it notes and stick them around the screen of your computer – this will allow you to remember to hit your key points without being too obvious!

☎️ Phone Interview:



Although a phone interview does not require the same environment prepping as a video interview, measures must still be taken to ensure there are as little distractions as possible.

  • Ensure you are situated in a quiet room with little distractions

  • Make sure all family, friends and pets know that you need quiet and are kept away.

  • Think to yourself, does this room have an echo? If so, it might be time to change location


Your Equipment

Ensure your phone is fully charged and there is adequate signal. Set up a test call to ensure there is no feedback and that your voice is clear.


Warm Up

It does no harm to warm up your voice before an interview, if it works for Beyonce it will work for you! Tongue twisters can be a good quick way to get you to interview ready.


The Benefits of Phone Interviews

Although daunting to some, phone interviews can often be less stressful that face to face.

  • All the stress of dress code go out the window with a phone interview. The interviewer just wants to know your background and experience.

  • Although you need to ensure there are little to no distractions around you, you have the opportunity to use pre-prepared notes, which you could not do in a more traditional interview.

  • Transportation and location issues are also cancelled out with a phone interview, so knock on worries are also gone such as public transport, child minding etc.

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