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Software Engineering: Ivana Leto

12 September 2019 by Mason Alexander
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​Software Engineering: Ivana Leto

We caught up with tech consultant Ivana who, after an incredible month, has recently been awarded Employee of the Month. Ivana fills us in on her background, what her market is like at the moment and why she would recommend a career at MA!


Where did you grow up? Where do you live?

I grew up in the capital city of Croatia, Zagreb and currently I live in Dublin.


What attracted you to a career in recruitment?

I got into recruitment because I enjoy meeting different people every day and I enjoy helping them find their dream job. I have always been very curious and interviewing people seemed fun to me!


What did you want to do as a kid growing up?

As a child, I wanted to work in the military like my Dad. Thank God I changed my mind! I also wanted to be a professional athlete or dancer.


What is your role MA?

I am a Recruitment Consultant within the Software Engineering Practice. The type of roles I work on are Software Engineering roles with different programming languages such as Java, Python, .Net, Java Script etc. The type of companies I recruit for vary from big technology companies to smaller start-ups.


What is your market like at the moment?

The market is very busy at the moment. Dublin has become synonymous with technology over recent years and many people from different countries are looking to move to Dublin to find a job in tech. Lots of companies are hiring at the moment, so it is candidate driven market. As the competition for skilled talent increases, organisations are willing to move faster on locking down people for roles as they want to ensure that they get the best talent.


Do you see any trends in your market?

Languages such as Java, AWS and Python are in high demand at the moment. The demand for AWS has grown significantly as more organisations move their data from their systems to cloud. This move to cloud makes their data more accessible to their workforce but also requires professionals with strong AWS skill. There is also a big demand for data technologists, such as Hadoop, Spark etc.


What are clients looking for from a candidate?

Clients are looking for candidates who are passionate and have a base knowledge of the organisation and their values. They are also looking for candidates who show an interest in the company and are well prepared for interviews. Rescheduling or canceling an interview can set things off to a bad start!


What are candidates looking for in a new role?

The most important thing that candidates look for in an organisation is a diverse tech stack (the variety of technologies that they use). Candidates are looking for companies which use modern technologies in order to stay competitive. As technologies evolve, candidates want to evolve with them. This ensures that the candidate is always learning in order to stay up to date with the current trends and developments.
Candidates are also looking for organisations that value work-life balance. Benefits such as flexi time, work from home and remote working are highly valued. People also look for great company culture!


Any tips for people looking for a new job?

Be persistent and never give up! Work on your LinkedIn profile and your CV and make sure you are always adding relevant connections on LinkedIn. Always prepare thoroughly for an interview and arrive at least 15 minutes early.
Keep up to date with the latest technologies by reading articles, books and online publications. Go to meet ups, there are specific events for specific areas of software engineering which is great!


What’s your favourite thing about working at MA?

I love the Friday breakfast and drinks, we also have flexible working hours which is great! I love the people I work with and we regularly organise social activities so there’s lots going on!


Would you recommend MA to friends/colleagues? Why?

Yes definitely, there is a good mix of work and fun!
Hard work is always recognised by your colleagues and everyone pulls together to ensure the best customer experience for both our candidates and clients. There is also no micromanagement here, so you can be as creative in your role as you wish, you are your own boss!


Can you recommend any habits that have helped your professional life?

Going to sleep earlier and going to the gym! Keeping active also helps me reduce stress so I go dancing, e.g. Salsa and Bachata. I feel as though learning foreign languages can also greatly improve your professional life.


Who inspires you?

Confident people with positive energy.


What is the best advice you have ever received? What advice would you give to your younger self?

The best advice I have ever received is to move out of your comfort zone and do things that make you happy, no matter what anyone else thinks!


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