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Do’s and Don’ts of Working with a Recruiter

01 March 2021 by Sarah Connell
Blog Do’s and Don’ts of Working with a Recruiter

Advice for Working with your Recruiter​

Navigating the job market to find your dream job can be time-consumingoverwhelming, and challenging for job seekers. As a result, many job seekers find it valuable to secure the help of a recruiter to find their perfect job. 

Forming an ongoing relationship with the right recruiter can prove to be vital to your career success. Recruiters are there to assist you in your job search, and following our essential tips will help make the process easier and straightforward for both you and your recruiter.

But, first of all, what are the main benefits of working with a recruiter? 

Working with recruiters can have a wide variety of benefits, the main ones being – 

  • Recruiters provide crucial CV and job-search advice

  • Recruiters open up additional job opportunities you didn't know about

  • Recruiters provide key insight into the job market and your industry

  • Recruiters help negotiate higher compensation packages for you

  • Recruiters provide you with key interview tips and techniques to help you land your dream job!

The Do's and Don'ts of Working with your Recruiter 

To ensure you have a lasting and beneficial relationship with your recruiter, you must understand how to work with them effectively and therefore, successfully. So here’s our do’s and don’ts to follow.

The Do’s 

Do establish your relationship in advance

It’s a good idea to pick and choose a handful of recruiters who cater to your industry and send them a personalised invitation to connect on LinkedIn. It’s good to establish this relationship first, because statistically speaking, it’s unlikely that a recruiter will be working on a job you’re suitable for at the same time you’re looking for a job. So if you’re already in their network, that’s a bonus. And if you have already established a relationship with them, you’ll also be first on their list to reach out to for a potential opportunity.

The time and effort you put into developing and establishing that relationship may come in handy again down the road – you just never know what the future will hold! 

Do answer your phone

Make sure you answer your phone or you could be missing out on a huge opportunity. Things change quite frequently in the recruiting world and opportunities can become available in an instant. They can also be filled pretty quickly. If you can’t answer, let it go to voicemail and try to ring back as soon as you can.

Do make it easy for a recruiter to find you

Ensure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and if you’re currently looking for a new job, let recruiters know by utilising the “Open to work” section on LinkedIn.

Also do try to be active on LinkedIn by publishing articles, commenting on posts, and sharing articles or posts that you find interesting. Be memorable and don’t forget to check your LinkedIn messages, it may be the first step to landing your dream job!

Do share your salary expectations 

Recruiters are familiar with your industry, and probably, your role. So it’s very likely they already know roughly what your salary is. However, asking this means that they are serious about you as a candidate. So be truthful and open. And remember that recruiters work within strict guidelines from clients, and therefore it’s vital to have an accurate idea of your current compensation and expectations so they can ultimately negotiate on your behalf.

Do remain professional and respectful throughout the entire process

You may not always get the job offer, but remember that how you behave when things don't go your way is just as important as how you behave when they do.

Thank the recruiter for their time and inform them you'd be interested in anything similar that comes along, and leave that door open for future job prospects. Always treat your recruiter well and they will treat you like gold, eagerly wanting to consider you for the next suitable opportunity that arises.

Do remember and understand that recruiter’s work for a company

Please remember that a recruiter's job is to help their clients find the best possible person for their team. While your recruiter will always give you valuable information to help you land the job, they will not reveal any information to you that might jeopardise a client’s competitive position. And the final hiring decision is always up to the client.  

Do ask Questions

Ask recruiters as many questions as you need. They want you to be confident going into an interview. Plus, asking questions shows you’re interested and shows intellectual curiosity, an important leadership characteristic. And a good recruiter will be extremely knowledgeable within their industry, and well connected, so they will have no problem handling your questions.

Do ask for feedback

Remember that you have the right to ask for feedback from an interview. Your recruiter will always want to get back to you in an appropriate timeframe to provide you with that feedback. Equally, you should also share your feedback. Recruiters are always keen to hear!

Do be transparent with recruiters

Being honest and upfront with your recruiter is so important. This is one of our core values at Mason Alexander so we can’t stress this enough.

Make sure you share all relevant information with your recruiter so the best decisions can be made for you and the company. Honesty is always the best policy.

The Don’ts

Don’t exaggerate or lie

Don’t exaggerate, lie, or be misleading about your previous work experience, background, salary, or your current responsibilities. Most recruiters will verify these facts and being dishonest about any of this information will burn your relationship and chances for a job with that recruiter.

If you are open and honest about yourself, your recruiter will be much better equipped to make you look great to their client and find you your dream job!

Don’t work with multiple recruiters for the same role

While working with other recruiters for the same role may seem like it could increase your chances of landing an interview, it doesn’t! It causes confusion and looks unprofessional. Furthermore, you could risk your relationships with each of the recruiters you’re working with.

Don’t contact a recruiter’s client directly 

While you are working with your recruiter and in the process of interviews, please make sure you go through the recruiter, always! If you want to contact the company for any questions or queries, your recruiter will be happy to do this on your behalf.

Don’t get discouraged

Lastly, but certainly not least – don’t give up! Don’t get discouraged if you don’t land the job you’re submitted for. Sometimes the role you’re going for is just not meant to be for you. But maintain a positive outlook, a good work ethic, and a proactive relationship with your recruiter – it just means you’re one step closer to actually landing your dream job!

Reach out to Mason Alexander

Searching for a new job is stressful. Working full time, keeping up with other personal commitments, maintaining a home – it can be completely overwhelming to look for a new job too. At Mason Alexander, we can make this process a lot more manageable, faster, and more successful.

So reach out to Mason Alexander today so we can help you navigate your next career change with ease and success – finding you your dream job!

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