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Mason Alexander Announces 6 New Promotions

13 January 2021
Mason Alexander Announces 6 New Promotions

​Mason Alexander is delighted to announce 6 new promotions across our Operations, Tech, Financial Services and Fintech Divisions.

“I really came into 2021 with a renewed sense of confidence and belief about the year ahead. The main reason for this is the group of people I work with in Mason Alexander. There are so many exceptionally talented individuals, but as a group, we are unified in our mission: to deliver exceptional experiences.

When the challenges of 2020 developed, I asked the team to believe; not in my ability to create change, but in theirs, and they really stepped up. There is a special group of people working in Mason Alexander who are built on integrity and demanding excellence in everything they do. So, whilst I celebrate all of my colleagues at Mason Alexander, I am very happy to announce several promotions across the business to mark the achievements of certain individuals and their contribution to our progress. No matter what life throws at us, we will always move forward.” – Andrew Lynch, CEO

The promotions include:

Jenny Kinmonth– Operations Director

“I remember when I first met Jenny. She was working in a gym (and potentially came to the interview in gym clothes!) and we were looking to hire an office manager. Never did I think back then that 4 years later we would be promoting her to a Director of Mason Alexander. Through sheer hard work, ability and an attitude of always supporting her colleagues, Jenny has become a driving force of this company. She pushes herself every day, always looking outside of her comfort zone, and challenges all of us around her to be better. Nothing gives me more pleasure then seeing people’s careers go in such an upward trajectory; but when it’s someone who I have so much respect for, it makes it so much sweeter. Jenny is loyal, kind and a great colleague and friend. I’m immensely proud of her.” – Andrew Lynch

James Bowles – Director

“James is a visionary. He spends his time talking and listening to clients, understanding their problems, and finds solutions to fix them. He takes this approach in everything he does. He has an unparalleled work ethic, the ability to engage with anyone at any level of the corporate spectrum, and possesses something which I think is the most important thing in business, integrity. All of us at Mason Alexander are so pleased and excited that James has been promoted to a Director in the company and the Head of MA Tech. Under his leadership and guidance, MA Tech has a concrete vision to achieve so much this year, which they have already started doing. James also spearheads our Leaders of Tech community and like with everything he does, this isn’t just a sales pitch. It has meaning; a mission to inspire, empower and create change within the technology sector. James is primed to continue trailblazing in 2021.”– Andrew Lynch

Finlay Barry – Associate Director

“Finlay is one of the country’s leading recruiters in the risk and compliance space. An incredibly hard worker who is driven by delivering the very best talent and experience for his candidates and clients alike. He has been with MA since2015, and is now being promoted to Associate Director and Head of Financial Services where he will lead the team into 2021.” Eoin Connolly

Eva Valentine – Head of Research 

“Eva is one of the hardest workers in the room; full of integrity, initiative, work ethic and great fun too! Eva is a brilliant multi-tasker who identifies top talent for MA, across several sectors. She collaborates with our recruiters to enable them to deliver the very best customer experience. Eva will now lead our resourcing at MA as Head of Research.” Eoin Connolly

Mark Kelly – Principal Consultant

“Mark joined MA almost 2 years ago and has gone from strength to strength. His delivery rate on filling mandates for his clients is second to none, which is testament to his competitiveness and desire to win. Mark will now lead the MA Fintech team as Principal; driving our EMEA business.” Eoin Connolly

Aaron Van Kan – Senior Consultant

“Aaron joined Mason Alexander in November 2019 and since then he has been a brilliant addition to the Tech team. Aaron’s attitude and his work ethic are second to none and he is committed to always delivering the best customer experience. He lives by our values and is always looking to collaborate within the business and share innovative ideas. We can’t wait to see Aaron develop further this year and see the success that we know he will achieve.” – Sophie Kelly

Well done to everyone on their promotions!!

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