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Key Highlights from our Rob Kearney Event

21 February 2020 by Mason Alexander
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​Key Highlights from our Rob Kearney Event

Mason Alexander was delighted to welcome professional rugby player Rob Kearney, to an exclusive gathering of newly qualified accountants to discuss planning for transition from the pitch to the corporate world.

Attendees included newly qualified accountants who are approaching the end of their training contracts and assessing their options. Whether staying in practice or looking externally at a move to industry, it can be difficult to navigate your way through the different options available.

Kearney gave attendees an inside view on how to manage changes effectively and tackle challenges head-on. Here are some of the highlights from the evening:


Team Focus

Your team will often determine your success. When making your next move, be sure to examine the team culture within the organisation. Feeling valued, trusted and respected within your team is vitally important and will impact how you progress. Ask yourself, is there an opportunity to learn from others, or even share your own wisdom within this team?


Continuously upskilling

Rob has always balanced a dual career, while playing professional sport and recognised the importance of continuously upskilling in order to progress personally & professionally.

He explained how it is vital to understand the gaps in your knowledge and the skills required to build confidence and credibility to stand out from the crowd.



Kearney went on to explain that one of the biggest learnings from his career was choosing the right mentor(s). It can be difficult to choose a mentor, but Rob highlighted that if someone can be honest with you, ask the tough questions and give constructive feedback, they’re worth speaking to.

If you’re newly qualified and considering a move into industry, contact us today!


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