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Growth and Digital - Key Learnings from 2019

02 January 2020
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​Growth and Digital – Key Learnings from 2019


2019 was very busy for the Growth and Digital desk in Mason Alexander. There has been a large amount of tech companies setting up in Dublin over the last few years and 2019 has been no exception. In most cases the most urgent roles when establishing a company is either engineering, to build a product, or a sales team, to sell it. Over the last year, there has also been a noticeable increase in companies looking to set up new EMEA teams in Dublin.



Small to medium tech companies have been very busy hiring this year. Almost every small to medium tech company is scaling fast and a lot of the time this means doubling their sales or business development teams.



From our research, it has been noted that behind fintech and digital are the largest growing division. Digital marketing roles such as SEO specialist, content creators, social media executives and website designers are in high demand.


Demand for Multilingual Talent

Germany is one of the biggest markets for a lot of tech companies but finding strong German tech sales talent is the number one pain point for Irish tech companies looking to grow EMEA teams. As a result, MA Tech have embarked on business development trips to Germany to meet with key talent in order to meet our client’s needs. Ireland struggles to attract German speakers in comparison to its European counterparts.



Growth and Digital in Dublin is a very candidate-driven market. As a result, more people are pursuing a start-up based environment where they have more room to grow, where they can make a difference, where they have a voice and don’t feel like just another cog in the wheel.



As a result of increased hiring, candidates are aware of the ever-present opportunity to move. Organisations are offering higher salaries and new job titles in order to attract key talent.



We are seeing an increase in organisations implementing clear career paths for their employees. A lot of our candidates are going into roles based on career progression opportunity above salary.



Management values can often have a direct influence on a candidate who is being offered a role. People want to know who they will be working with and what they can learn from them. We have seen an increase in organisations offering all manner of learning programmes and education programmes in order to promote staff development. Career progression and learning are two important pull factors in a role.