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Top Interview Techniques

25 October 2019 by Mason Alexander
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​Top Interview Techniques

We are currently in the midst of a candidate driven market. Candidates are much more confident in their ability, their knowledge of the market and their worth. Whether you are an SME scaling your business or a large multinational, the interview process is the same. The market is now lending itself in favour of the candidate.

As a result of this candidate driven market, organisations are working harder to attract key talent and the interview is an important part of enticing talent.

Interviews are now a two-way street which allows the employer the chance to evaluate the candidate’s suitability but it is also a chance for the candidate to get a sense of the organisation and whether they could see a future there.

The old school interview technique of grilling the candidate with complicated, and sometimes non applicable, questions and long drawn out interview processes are history.

Candidates are not shy to walk away from an opportunity that doesn’t 100% fit their needs, as they know that the market is flooded with open opportunities and the perfect role could be just around the corner. Employers must realise the need to prove themselves to be the best employer with the most attractive opportunity and the best culture. Here are some interview techniques that will attract and retain the best talent:


Be prepared

Be fully prepared for the interview. There is a general misconception that is it only the candidate who needs to prepare for an interview, but the interviewer must come equally prepped.

  • Read through their CV before the interview so that you’re familiar with their experience to date.

  • Make sure you know the questions to ask and in what order throughout the interview. It is crucial that if there are more than one interviewee that everyone is on the same page in terms of questions being asked, the opportunities that are available and how they could fit into the company.


Let them talk

The number one mistake an interviewer can make is taking over the interview. Ensure the interviewee has the chance to speak openly without interruption. The more they talk, the more information you get. The person interviewing should be talking no more than 20% of the time. Engage in conversation with the candidate but ensure you are letting them answer the questions in order to get a full view of their personality and experience. This is their moment to shine and prove to you why they are the right fit for your company.


Constant communication

Most people understand that some processes can take longer than others. This can be down to a number of factors including internal discussions, budgeting and time constraints. It is imperative to keep regular communication with the candidate. Lack of communication is a major indicator that companies do not value the candidate. Whether it is positive/negative or no news at all, keeping regular contact with candidates will not only show your level of respect for the candidate but will help with their level of interest.


Don’t forget to have fun

How typical – but don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Make the most out of the opportunity by finding some common ground with the candidate and getting to know them. Enjoying yourself will actually make it much more relaxed and enjoyable for the candidate getting the most out the interview.

Claire Prendiville

Associate Consultant – Senior Appointments

Mason Alexander