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27 August 2019 by Mason Alexander
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​How to Recruit & Retain Gen-Z Talent – thinkHRX

While some Gen Zed’rs (or is it Ze’rs?) have already entered the job market, most are still wrapping up their education and getting ready for ‘the real world’. That means there’s a wave of talented employees about to flood the workforce. But, preparing for and approaching this new group will need to be different than how you probably approached millennials over the years. After all, there are quite a few differences between the two – so it looks like attracting top talent will depend on how well you and your organisation speak the Gen Z language.

This raises a lot of questions about what Gen Z is looking for: What kind of workspace/place do they want? What sort of company culture is appealing? What recruiting methods will be most effective? As your company begins revamping its practices and strategies for the new generation, you’ll want to ask questions like these to guide your changes. Fortunately for us, there’s a lot of information out there and you don’t have to start reinventing the wheel. Here are a few of the most actionable insights, I’ve found, to boost Gen Z appeal. Feel free to share and comment… or Snapchat me. Kidding.

Swipe Right for the Best Talent

Keep in mind, we’re talking about a generation that’s been raised on smartphones. Their standards for accessibility and mobile optimisation are going to be high, so make sure every aspect of your website (specifically the section targeting job candidates) performs seamlessly on phones and tablets. And, maybe you’ve got some catching up to do because some companies have already gone so far to implement on-demand interviews by AI hiring assistants on the website itself! Cutting-edge practices like this will appeal to this tech-centred accessibility-driven generation, and it’ll show applicants your dedication to innovation, while being current.

Don’t forget social media platforms. Gen Z spends a lot of time on YouTube and Instagram, both of which you should be using to promote your employer brand and increase brand awareness. Uploading content about your stellar company culture, events, workspaces, or employee testimonials are a great way to set your company apart from the competition. This can also be achieved with a regularly-updated company blog (or vlog, if you’re brave) highlighting new developments, employee stories, and other great things about your company.

Get With the Times

It’s clear that Gen Z is a digital bunch, but that doesn’t mean they shy away from face-to-face conversations. In fact, looking through Gen Z reviews on Glassdoor and similar websites, keywords regarding open workspaces, friendly company culture, and collaborative environments are pretty common. If you can show candidates that your workspace encourages teamwork and personal expression, you should be able to pique their interest. Better yet, proving that your company is actively working to reduce screening and hiring biases can show candidates that you’re dedicated to employing a diverse and inclusive workforce – a matter many Gen Zed’rs take seriously, and rightly so!

Channel Your Inner-Gen Z

Perhaps a product of Gen Z’s reliance on technology is the expectation of quick feedback. In the iCIMS Class of 2019 report, the majority of Gen Zed’rs said that they expect to hear back from employers within a week of applying for a job. Finding a way to give Gen Z candidates quick feedback is a great way to establish better brand appeal and save them the trouble of being left in the dark.

One of the simplest ways to do this is to set up automated AND personalised email responses for the pool of candidates. A time-delayed rejection email will automatically inform candidates that you’re not interested. Easy. This will bolster your credibility as a company dedicated to positive engagement at every stage of the employee journey, and Gen Z will appreciate your efficiency. And not just Gen Z, this should be your practice across the board. A personalised and automatic reply to those applying for jobs is not difficult and doesn’t leave anyone hanging!

The Takeaway is Simple!

Gen Z is coming, but by thoughtfully updating your practices for the new generation, you can future-proof your business and knab top talent. In fact, if you value culture and employer branding, the suggestions I’ve outlined should be a given anyway.

I’d love to hear about what your company is doing to attract top talent. Leave some comments.

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