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Become a master networker with these 6 simple steps

08 May 2019 by Mason Alexander
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​Never underestimate the power of a strong network. Regularly working on improving your network can increase your visibility, encourage business growth and help make valuable connections. As Mason Alexander’s James Bowles said:

“Don’t wait to build your network – it is something you should include in your daily, weekly and monthly planning. You could find that when you really need a network, it may be too late to build a one. Your network is something that you should work on all the time as you will find that when it comes to time of change your network is a very powerful tool.”

Your network is a long term investment. Take the time to nurture and grow your relationships as it will not only expand your reach but will also ensure that you are up to date with the latest market news and trends.

Follow these 6 simple steps to become a master networker:

1. Start with your current network

Look at the network you have right now and evaluate how strong your connections are with every individual. Concentrate on your weaker connections and schedule a call or a coffee to catch up! Maintain regular contact but take care not to bombard them!

2. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there

Throw yourself in at the deep end! Create networking targets to hit every day – whether it be 10 phone calls or 20 emails – you will find that just making that initial contact will start the ball rolling when it comes to growing your larger network. Use your stronger networks – don’t be afraid to ask for favours or to be put in contact with someone you have not met before.

3. Attend events

Dublin has a wide variety of networking events that take place every week. Use networking events to connect with other professionals, get your name out there and discuss ideas and trends with like-minded people. Sign up to the Mason Alexander newsletter to receive weekly updates on events taking place around Dublin.

4. It’s all about Give and Take!

Don’t concentrate on what you want from your network, think “how can I help them?”. Express a genuine interest in your contact’s challenges and address how you can help them overcome their difficulties, without focusing on yourself too much. In order to strengthen a relationship you must show every individual that you are completely genuine in your motives and actions. Share your insights and expertise, the trends that you see and the news that you know with them – you will find sooner rather than later that the relationship will become reciprocal.

5. Use Linkedin

Linkedin is the largest social platform for professionals in the world. It can be used to connect with professionals across different sectors, research companies and access open opportunities. Don’t be afraid to give endorsements and testimonials to people you have worked alongside, this will improve your visibility on the platform and will encourage people to write endorsements and testimonials for you.

6. Ask for Feedback!

Asking for feedback can be a great way to strengthen your relationship with a fellow professional! Start with your internal team – ask them, “how can I better my networking skills?” “What would you change?”. Feedback, whether good or bad, can be a motivator and help to improve your performance, so when you receive feedback, you can use it! No matter where you are on the career ladder, we are constantly learning and growing as people, so regularly ask for feedback and implement it in your everyday life.

Remember, your network needs regular maintenance so develop a strategy to maintain contact with people in your network. Nothing worth having happens overnight so be sure to be patient as results will come in the long term and ensure longevity within these relationships.
You will find that a strong network will open doors and present opportunities to you, it will boost your confidence and allow you to keep abreast with fresh ideas and insights.

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