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Mason Alexander’s Newly Qualified Accountant’s Transition to Industry Series. Part 3: Tom Kiely

02 April 2019 by Mason Alexander
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​As more Newly Qualified Accountants make the next step in their career, we caught up with Analyst, Tom Kiely, who explained to us that in order to figure out what you want, you have to dig a little deeper.

Where did you train?

Audit, Tax and Renewable Energy departments in Grant Thornton, Dublin

How was the experience in exploring the industry market coming to the end of your contract?

It can be stressful especially when you aren’t sure what area you want to get into. To be fair to recruiters, they do ask the questions that many newly qualified accountants put off answering. So inevitably you will need to sit down with yourself and list the things you do and don’t like about your job and work with that.

What is your current role? What company?

I’m currently an Analyst in the Finance team in Circle K.

What does an average day look like for you?

Given that my role is a contract role, it’s very bespoke. I’m not quite sure if there are any newly qualified accountants who have the same daily duties as myself. Saying that, I do enjoy it as I have a lot of autonomy and ownership of the project. My average day is spending a lot of time on excel working with formulas to help create a future proof process for reconciling volumes of gas and oil imported.

How did you find coming out of contract and transitioning into Industry?

Great, it’s a much more relaxed atmosphere than practice. There is still pressure but because most of your colleagues aren’t accountants, you get to chat and discuss other sectors of the business and get insights into other careers.

What tips would you give to newly qualified accountants coming out of contract in April?

If you aren’t enjoying the practice side of accounting or would like a new challenge, I would recommend taking a chance on industry as you will see a whole new side to accounting and general business. It can be very daunting reading job specs for industry roles as all you know is working in practice. Trust that your previous 3/3.5 years have stood well to you and you passed very tough exams. It’s always worth trying something new and seeing do you like it.

Who did you work with in Mason Alexander?

Stephen O’Carroll

How did you find working with Mason Alexander?

Very well. Steve and Nick knew that I was unsure in what type of role I wanted and were considerate in waiting for the right role. If I wasn’t too interested in a role they gave me, they wouldn’t push it any further. Two top lads who know the market extremely well!

Do you have any interview tips you would like to share?

Relax. Be prepared, know the job spec, your CV and as much information on the company as possible but make sure your answers flow naturally and are not rehearsed like a speech. Interviews are a skill in themselves and the more you do the more you will master them.

It’s not personal if they don’t hire you. You’re a professional. Life goes on. It’s a learning experience.

What do you know now, you wish you knew before you started your search to move into industry?

Maybe do a bit more soul searching and research. What morals and values are core to you? This may sound a bit deep. But if you are after a sense of job satisfaction, I feel it’s important that you and your potential employer have similar beliefs. The money will follow.

It’s all about building on experience and finding interests that you may like to pursue.

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