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Mason Alexander’s Newly Qualified Accountants Transition to Industry Series. Part 2: Paul Raftery

25 March 2019 by Mason Alexander

​Carrying on in our Newly Qualified Accountants Transition to Industry Series, we sat down with Group Financial Accountant for Ardagh Group, Paul Raftery to hear about his background and career.

Where did you train?

I completed a three year training contract in the consumer, technology and business department with Deloitte in their Dublin office.

How was the experience in exploring the industry market coming to the end of your contract?

I found the market to be very strong with lots of options available to new qualifieds. It can be very daunting with so much being put in front of you.

What is your current role? What company?

I’m currently a group financial accountant for the Ardagh Group.

What does an average day look like for you?

I currently just started my new role but there is a strong variance to each day. The group role gives you a strong overview of the company.

How did you find coming out of contract and transitioning into Industry?

Currently in the process but strong support from peers and management have helped tremendously. The learning curve can be quite steep.

What tips would you give to newly qualified accountants coming out of contract in April?

Take your time with finding the right role and really do your homework on roles/employers.

How did you find working with Mason Alexander?

Excellent experience! Nick and Stephen were very helpful and offered great interview prep ahead of scheduled interviews. Really listened to what I wanted and put forward the roles in areas to me that I had expressed an interest in during our initial meeting.

Do you have any interview tips you would like to share?

Be yourself and be confident.

What do you know now, you wish you knew before you started your search to move into industry?

It takes time so it’s better to start the process early.

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