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How Your Organisation Can Benefit From Introducing a Book Club

07 March 2019 by Mason Alexander
Mason Alexander – Benefits of a Book Club

​In the fast-paced digital world that we live in, mobile phones can become more important than social interaction. At Mason Alexander we understand the value of taking some time out from our phones and sitting back in silence and reading books, that to this day are still the number one (under used) resource for knowledge. In honour of World Book Day we decided to share some details on our weekly book club here at Mason Alexander.

Mason Alexander Book Club was introduced as we see a number of benefits for our employees who take part.

How it works:

Each member is free to decide which book they want to read under one of the following 5 topics: Mindfulness, Leadership, Business, Motivation and Finance/Business.  Each week a member is nominated to present their book to the office.

The benefits of a having a book club in your organisation:

  • Employees get to frequently practice their presentation skills which benefits their career development and helps them to improve as communicators.

  • It benefits the other members of the group as they get a synopsis on a variety of great books that they may not have previously read or may decide to borrow. It challenges employees to think differently. Reading broadness employees knowledge, as they are exposed to new ideas and alternative perspectives as well as new ways of thinking.

  • Continuous learning is key in any business and the most successful people in business cite reading as one of their top tips to success.

  • It helps boost employee engagement and morale by having team members interact outside their usual teams and functions.

  • It can relieve stress as it provides staff with a break away from their desks and busy lives.

Reading has been proven to reduce stress, improve skills and help people develop better leadership skills.  Since introducing a book club at Mason Alexander, we have noticed an increase in team bonding, knowledge sharing and productivity amongst our employees.

Our book club also includes a free breakfast which is an added incentive to join!

Do you have a book club in your organisation?