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How to Hire a Great CFO

24 October 2018
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​As a Headhunter for CFO’s, I enjoy the task of working with boards, CEO’s and investors to recruit game-changing financial officers for their growing companies.

A CFO is unlike any other financial professional. They are more than just an accountant, more than a strategist, more than even a leader; they are a sign that your business is ready for the next stage of high growth.

So how do you go about hiring a “great” CFO?


1. Appreciate your business for what it is today

You must understand your strategy before going to market. What are your key goals and company values? Where will a CFO fit in your current organisational structure?

2. Don’t confuse a CFO with a Financial Controller

Which would be more appropriate for your organisation? Every business is unique, look at the growth plans of your company – are you ready for a CFO?

3. The perfect fit for your organisation doesn’t exist

The sooner you learn this the faster you will be able to define what you need or what success looks like for your business. Figure out what your challenges are and what problems you need solved – hire accordingly!

4. Cultural fit

A CFO will be tasked with representing your company both internally and externally. As a face of the organisation it is integral that they fully believe and embrace your culture, values and goals.

5. CFO upgrade?

It’s okay and normal to think about changing your CFO as the company scales, enters new markets, and expands its capital base. Companies growth ambitions and needs change and so does the role of the CFO.

If your business is planning for ambitious growth in 2019 and beyond and you want to discuss potential CFO’s that could help deliver that growth, then please get in touch for a discreet conversation.

Susan Dwyer
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