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6 things to do to enhance your career in 2018

04 January 2018
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​As the Christmas Spirit begins to wane and the grey skies of January start to move in, the New Year brings a great opportunity to take charge of promised changes that may have been put on pause over the Christmas break. Although New Year’s resolutions can be easy in theory, and big statements such as “I’m giving up chocolate” or “I’m making a career move” can be easier to say than do. Below are a number of easy steps designed to help you enhance your career in 2018!

Set Career Goals
Where would you like to see yourself this time next year? What’s the next step for you? Do your research – talk to people who are in the position you would like to be in – how did they get there? Where did they start?

Create a List of Companies and Organisations you would like to work for
Create a list of these companies and do some research into the positions that are currently filled/on offer. Picture yourself in that position and find out which one would suit you the best.

Be Proactive
Think proactively, rather than wishfully – “I will get a job there” instead of “I’d love to work there someday”. Don’t be afraid to approach companies and recruitment agencies to make sure you achieve your goals!

Act Quickly
The New Year brings the opportunity for companies to develop new budgets, implement them and hire accordingly. Companies will also be evaluating their current team and noticing where they fall short and need extra support.

Do Some Personal Admin
Take a look at your CV, your LinkedIn and all your public social platforms – Are they up to scratch? Do they include everything you have experienced and accomplished? When updating your LinkedIn look to previous work colleagues to provide endorsements of your skills. Make sure your CV is tailored to include any results from Projects/Campaigns that may be desirable to your next career step.

Build your Personal Brand
Take advantage of the quiet time in January to keep your LinkedIn active. Liking and sharing content can give people an idea of your personal brand. Taking the initiative to post and blog about what you are passionate about can enhance your presence as an expert in your field, so stop thinking of LinkedIn as an online resume but as a live brand builder.


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