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8 Undeniable Signs it’s Time to Leave your Job

07 November 2017
8 signs it's time to leave your job


Has handing in your notice become a bigger and bigger threat? Have you had more bad days than good? Have you been feeling under appreciated? It may be time to think about making the move. First thing’s first, grab a coffee, find a comfortable chair and have a read of this article.

Make your decision on what is best for your future and always follow your gut instinct. If you can’t see a happy future with your present company, it may well be the time to hand in your notice.

Here is a short list of sure-tell signs that the time has come to move on:


1. You dread going to work.
Do you feel anxious as you approach the front door in work? Do you feel uneasy and on edge on a Sunday evening? While it is normal to feel under pressure, you should not dread your 8 hours in work – it’s time to hand in that notice!


2. You hear yourself complain about your job all the time.
Take a look back on recent conversations, inside and outside the workplace, do you find yourself constantly complaining about your co-workers, jobs, and working conditions? Life is too short to be in a job that brings more negative than positive to your life.


3. You find yourself procrastinating rather than working.
You don’t find your current role engaging or interesting, you would rather day dream about a holiday in the Bahamas than apply yourself to the tasks at hand. In a recent Mason Alexander survey, we found that 33% of people will consider a new role because of the type of work that is being offered. Find that job that you are passionate about and go for it!


4. There is no room for advancement.
Don’t waste your time in a position that offers you no opportunity for advancement. You will find that your hard work will have gone to no use, and ultimately the feelings of wanting to jump ship will increase.


5. It is taking a toll on your health.
Have you noticed an increase in your sick days? This could be a result of a number of factors but have a look at your diet, exercise and lifestyle – Are you getting enough hours sleep? Do the long commutes result in minimal time for exercise and relaxation? Do you need a glass of wine to unwind after a long day? No job is worth sacrificing your wellness, especially one that makes you unhappy.


6. Your Work Life Balance is out of whack.
Believe it or not, there is a world in which you have a balanced personal and work life. Nothing feels worse than thinking that you are missing out on time with family and friends because you are stuck in the office. Do you have to work up the courage to ask for a half day to attend a family event? Do you have to tell friends that you can’t make dinner because the boss is hounding you? Make the move!


7. The Company Culture is not a good fit for you.
Wellness in the workplace has become a big topic of discussion for companies embracing change. If you are stuck in a traditional 9 to 5 but crave an environment that offer perks such as more flexibility and work from home, and negotiations in your current company have failed, it may be time to go looking for a company with a culture that fits your desired working lifestyle.


8. You’re reading this article.
Chances are if you’re reading this article you’ve been thinking about making the move for some time now. Plan out your pros and cons list, and if the cons outweigh the pros and your gut is telling you to move on, pluck up the courage and do it!


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