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National Workplace Wellbeing Day 2017 at Mason Alexander

30 May 2017
National Workplace Wellbeing Day 2017

Mason Alexander are proud to be taking part in National Workplace Wellbeing Day – tomorrow 31st March.

For the 3rd year running, large and small companies across the country are encouraged to participate in the event, which aims to improve employee health through promoting better nutrition and physical activity. You can find out more about National Workplace Wellbeing Day here.

Marcella Corcoran Kennedy T.D., Minister for State for Health Promotion launched this year’s campaign, which is an initiative of Food Drink Ireland (FDI), and is supported by Ibec. Speaking at the launch, Danny McCoy, CEO, Ibec said: “As a nation, we all know that we need to get healthier. There is no better place to start than in the workplace, where we spend so much of our time. Research amongst employees in Ireland shows that the majority (69%) are more likely to stay longer with employers who show an interest in their health and wellbeing.”

The benefits of workplace wellbeing and the priority of health and wellness in a business is vital for both the wellbeing of your employees and the productivity of your business. Corporate wellness programmes are a win-win situation for employee and employer as employees are happier and healthier which in turn boosts productivity and revenue in the company.

Healthy employees = less sick days = less overheads = higher profit. You can read more about this in our blog here.

This year we gave our employees an option to vote on an activity that promotes wellbeing for us all to partake in tomorrow. The options were:

Lunch Time Mile – a group walk at lunch time
In office Plank / push up challenge (who can hold the longest / do the most)
Take the stairs for the day
Step/Pedometer challenge

With a 62% win, our employees voted for a plank / push up challenge which we will be running tomorrow along with a healthy prize for the winner.

We get a twice weekly delivery of fruit from The Fruit People and tomorrow we have ordered an extra supply of healthy snacks & treats to keep the office happy.

What does your company do to promote employee wellness? There are many options!

The Top 10 Workplace Wellbeing Activities from last years challenge are listed below to give you some ideas!

1. Lunchtime Mile (Walk, Jog, Run, Cycle)
2. Healthy eating initiatives
3. Fruit bowls
4. Mindfulness/yoga for staff
5. Health Screening
6. Nutrition talks
7. Promotion of bike to work scheme
8. Pilates
9. Mental Health Talks
10. Smoothies

Enjoy & stay healthy!