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Health & Wellness in Your Company

01 February 2017
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​The priority of health and wellness in a business is vital for both the wellbeing of your employees and the productivity of your business. Corporate wellness programmes are a win-win situation for employee and employer as employees are happier and healthier which in turn boosts productivity and revenue in the company.

Healthy employees = less sick days = less overheads = higher profit.

When health & wellness is encouraged within a company, there are numerous beneficial outcomes:

• Boosts team morale & workplace community
• Increased energy & productivity levels amongst staff
• Less overheads (less sick days and reduced health care costs)
• Staff become fitter and healthier (and happier)
• Improved focus amongst employees

Mason Alexander are running an in house employee healthy habit challenge for the month of February with prizes for the winning participants. Making healthy choices can be a struggle on your own but are easier as part of a team. It helps to have your colleagues on hand for moral support and encouragement!

At Mason Alexander, we encourage our staff to make healthy choices by providing healthy in office breakfast options and regular fruit deliveries.

Here are a few simple wellness challenges you can implement at your work place:

-Healthy Eating Challenge
-Taking the stairs incentive
-Healthy snack options
-Monitoring steps taken
-Bike to work incentive
-Team 5k run
-Walking meetings
-Standing desks
-Group fitness sessions
-Increased water intake challenge

We’ll let you know how we get on!