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Mason Alexander Announces 8 New Promotions!

07 January 2022 by Sarah Connell
Jan 2022 Promotions

​Mason Alexander is delighted to announce 8 new promotions across our Technology, Legal, Operations, and MedTech Divisions.

“As I look to 2022 with great enthusiasm, it has been important to reflect on the year just gone. The transformation of how we work has been extraordinary and digital technology is at the heart of how we conduct business. At Mason Alexander, we now have a digital HQ and for the first time in our history, have a distributed team across many locations. I used to think culture was about having the perfect office space with conference rooms, open plans, events area, etc… it’s not. It’s how we communicate and work together as a team. Where we get things done. 

We made great strides in 2021 in how we work with the highlight been a new working week, 4&4. At Mason Alexander we don’t care about aesthetics, we care about the output. The only thing that matters – the impact. Our 4 hour Friday has done wonders for the people and the company for so many reasons. I believe we are living in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to re-think how and where we work; I fully expect us to keep moving the needle in the year ahead.

Why is all this important? Why are we doing this? Because the world of talent has never been so topical, never so important. We are here to solve the scaling challenges for companies as they grow. We have to think boldly to support our client's ambitions. And we do. 

2021 was also our most successful year on record and this is down to all the amazing people at MA. Individually they are great; together there is nothing we can’t achieve. Whilst I celebrate everyone equally, I am really happy to announce the following promotions across the company: Rosie O’Sullivan to Finance Director, Mary Joyce to Associate Director, Ziggy de Boe Agnew to Consultant, Sarah Dolan to Marketing Manager, Paul McGing to Principal, Christine Morrison to Senior Consultant, Dáire Connolly to Manager, and Barry Smyth to Manager”
Andrew Lynch, CEO

Rosie O’Sullivan – Finance Director

For any company, it’s invaluable to have an exceptionally talented person to spearhead its finance function. As soon as I met Rosie O’Sullivan in 2020, I knew she was that person. Immediately, she got to understand our business which enabled her to implement new processes, make changes, challenge us all in the right way and make her finance operation rock solid. She cares deeply about all of us in the MA, works tirelessly to support us, and is a kind and considerate person. She is a great sounding board for me and gives me confidence to plan for a big future ahead. Your promotion to Finance Director is more than deserved; you are a strategic operator, and this is the right next step in the journey you are on.
– Andrew Lynch, CEO  

Mary Joyce – Associate Director

Mary has been a standout performer this year and I’m delighted with the success of MedTech since Mary set it up in May. She has exceeded all expectations, a particular highlight has been her strategic mindset and approach to establishing and growing the desk and her planning, patience, and execution of that. I think everyone in the business can learn something from Mary and how she’s done this. From a standing start (and I know the help of others too), she has developed a clear strategy and approach which has been successful, highlighted by the clients and relationships she has developed in a short space of time and the brilliant hire in Jess. I’ve been so impressed with her. She is a clear leader and uses her experience and initiative to drive the MedTech area forward. I’ve loved working with her and I’m very excited about the future and the plans set out for next year and beyond, and her impact on not just MedTech but the wider business too. 
– James Lynch, Director 

Ziggy de Boe Agnew – Consultant

Ziggy is a brilliant colleague, and we are lucky to have him. First and foremost, he has an exceptional, attitude, so enthusiastic and you simply can't teach that. He is the ultimate team player and has shown numerous examples of that throughout the year. He is hard-working, committed to succeeding, and always open to work or support with anything that comes in. 
Ziggy has also delivered on numerous assignments for clients and has been the driving force behind MA Sports. He has also been a big help to Ops multiple times throughout the year. 

Ziggy wanted to join the legal team, he has an interest in the industry and we’re delighted and Mike, in particular, to be able to support him with this and he's joining a great mentor in Mike. Everything Ziggy has done in our business to date points at this being a huge success and we look forward to watching the progress over the next 12 months and beyond. 
– James Lynch, Director 

Sarah Dolan – Marketing Manager

Sarah has done an unbelievable job since starting in Mason Alexander.  We are delighted to be promoting her to Marketing Manager. Sarah goes above and beyond in her role and her work is always of the highest standard. Sarah is doing an amazing job at growing and building out the Mason Alexander brand. Congrats Sarah! 

– Jenny Kinmonth, Operations Director  

Paul McGing – Principal Recruitment Consultant

Paul is one of the most determined recruiters I have ever worked with his commitment to providing an excellent service to both candidates and clients is exceptional. Although recruitment was not new to Paul when he started the tech market and java market was a whole new industry that he had to learn, he has done this and the credibility he has built in the java market is excellent. Every customer that works with Paul has passed on amazing feedback about how great he is and how well he has delivered on really tough roles. Not only this Paul has been a great mentor to new people joining the business. Massively well-deserved Paul!

– Sophie Kelly, Associate Director

Christine Morrison – Senior Consultant 

Christine is one of the most energetic and passionate recruiters I’ve worked with. Her passion, hard work, and energy are what make her massively successful. She is an expert in her market and is the go-to consultant for the digital and transformation market. Christine is so organised, and I know that when she says she will do something she does it and does it to the highest standard! She is an exceptional recruiter and a real team player, there have been many examples over the past 6 months whereby she has helped her teammates out not only on the tech team but the wider business too! Well done Christine and so well deserved!

– Sophie Kelly, Associate Director

Dáire Connolly – Manager

Dáire has been in the business for 2 years now and what a journey he has been on. In 2021 we saw what Dáire can do! What an exceptional performance and what an amazing year he has had with welcoming Baby Reidin. I’m so proud of Dáire and so happy that his hard work has paid off this year. Dáire’s ability to manage multiple roles and provide his clients and candidates with excellent service is second to none! Not only this over the past year Dáire has stepped up to be a real leader and has grown into a great team lead, I’m really looking forward to watching his journey over the next year and seeing him develop into an excellent manager.

– Sophie Kelly, Associate Director

Barry Smyth – Manager

Barry joined us over 8 months ago and what a performance he has had – he has built up a whole new market within 8 short months! This is an incredible performance!! Barry has helped develop one of our biggest clients and has been an amazing support to the whole contract team. He helped lead a key project which has been the most successful project MA tech have ever been involved in. He also has been a true leader and has really helped other team members within the team. I’m looking forward to watching Barry’s journey as a manager and growing out the contract team! 

– Sophie Kelly, Associate Director

Congratulations to all on your promotions!