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Body Language Tips for Your Job Interview

15 October 2021 by Sarah Connell
Body Language Tips - Job Interview

Body Language Tips

​During your job interview, your body language and the way you present yourself is just as important as what you say. Your body will be communicating something to your interviewer, while also affecting how you feel about yourself in that moment. It’s vital that your body language shows you as a confident, positive, and capable person – while also showing your interest in the interview.

Whether your interview is in person or over video, body language can make or break your chances of landing your next role. During a job interview, you’ll want to use it to showcase not only your best professional self but also your genuine personality.

Below we have outlined some body language tips for your next job interview

Make Eye Contact

Make eye contact with your interviewer regularly. Looking people in the eyes helps you seem trustworthy and attentive while looking away makes you appear nervous or untrustworthy. But also remember to look away when it feels natural to do so too – don’t stare (staring is just as creepy during an interview as it is elsewhere!).

Eye contact is crucial because it displays your confidence in yourself and also in your answers. But it also goes beyond just confidence. Eye contact also forms the basis for making connections and building relationships. Your interviewer will only feel engaged with you if you are looking at them, and really your number one goal is to engage with your interviewer and make them respond to you.

Remember Your Posture

Great posture displays confidence and reliability. Sit up straight and do not slouch forward or backward, as such positions may suggest you have a very casual and “not-really-bothered” attitude – which you want to avoid! However, when you’re asked a question, do lean forward slightly, to show your curiosity and engagement.

Remember to also maintain excellent posture while walking to and from the reception area and the interview room. 

Watch Your Hands

Use your hands to talk if that is natural for you – but don’t wave your hands around to make a point, it will make you seem unpredictable and nervous. Keep your hands visible – hiding your hands can be misconstrued as distrustful behaviour.

Ensure you keep your palms open. Keeping your palms open and facing up is a sign of openness and honesty while showing you have nothing to hide and are confident in what you are saying.

Don’t bite your nails. You’ll look nervous and it’s very distracting.

Avoid touching your face

This can be playing with your hair, rubbing your nose, head, or neck. All these actions are not considered as good body language techniques and are considered dishonest, untrustworthy, and can make the other person think of you as being bored or disinterested. Don’t sit with your arms crossed, it can make you look defensive and unfriendly.

Try to keep your shoulders relaxed and facing the interviewer – this will show your involvement and engagement in the interview. 


Mirror your interviewer by matching their positive body language to set them at ease, but do so sparingly and cautiously. Mirror a nod or a subtle shift in posture to create common ground between you and your interviewer. 


People are more naturally drawn to a happy face – so smile and nod where appropriate. You want to show your personality and that you’re paying attention to what’s being said.

Also, the feel-good chemicals that smiling releases will help you stay upbeat and calm during your interview. 


It’s said that it only takes seven seconds to make a first impression – so make it count! Your body language will play a key role in your ability to succeed in an interview. But your awareness of this can provide you with another important tool with which to ace your interview.

So, practice using effective body language to send the right message to your interviewer and smash your next job interview!

If you need any additional career advice or if you’re looking for your next career move, please feel free to contact Mason Alexander – we’re always here and happy to help with your job search!

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