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How To Prepare - From Field To Workplace

22 March 2021
How To Prepare - From Field To Workplace

It can feel daunting having to change career in any field and it can be an especially tough change when you are trading in a sports career for the office.

It is not something you are prepped for when playing your sport of choice, it is work hard, win at all costs and repeat. The focus cannot be taken away from the task at hand, but when that task at hand is finished, where should your focus lie?

In most of the biggest sports in Ireland, you will not have the opportunity to make enough money, or any money to live off and sustain yourself or a possible family. With that in mind, we are seeing more and more athletes now investing time and money into themselves and businesses for that inevitable retirement day. Gary O’Donovan worked with us for a period in preparation for life after rowing and is spoken about so highly within our team.

There are steps that you can take during your career, as well as afterwards to ensure that you are ready for the new task at hand and can make the transition as smooth as possible, while finding the right move for you. We have outlined some steps that can help you in that preparation.

Prepare a strong CV

A person’s CV is a short bio that will be a factor in a company wanting to meet them or not. It won’t get them the job, but it will open the door for interviews. Knowing where to start and how to structure it can be tricky, and Mason Alexander Sports can provide you with consultation and templates to make sure you really highlight your key attributes.

We know it’s not possible to share your journey on paper but it is something you must get right to ensure that you get that first meeting and to give you the opportunity to really shine.

Interview Preparation

An interview gives you an opportunity to sell yourself to a company and to show them why you would be an asset to them. It is important to know what to say, how to say it and to pitch yourself in the right way. An interview is a two-way process and you must be going in with the mindset that you want to find out if this is the right opportunity for you, and the only way to do this is to ask informed questions.

Find where your interests lie

One of the biggest challenges facing athletes who are transitioning into business is to understand what job and industry would best suit their attributes. MA Sports can provide consultation and connect you with people with similar backgrounds to see how your paths align.

It can be a really daunting decision to make the next step in your career and you may not have the same timeframe to try different careers out during your athletic endeavours. Picking the right industry becomes that little bit more important now as your time frame is smaller.

Use Your Network

There is no doubt that over a sporting career you might be given the opportunity to meet people and build rapport that others realistically don’t get access to. Through events, you might meet anyone from Royalty, Presidents to CEO’s -sport presents these encounters for anyone lucky to be successful enough to do so.

Keep a note of these encounters with people who can help you with future interests. With the aid of social media and especially LinkedIn, it is possible to remain in touch professionally with people who may work in an industry you are curious about. Most people are more than happy to give advice, see what openings they have or put you in touch with the right person.

Invest in yourself/Upskill

Something to consider during the off-season, or during a time where you are not training, playing or preparing for a match - look to see where you can upskill yourself in a department that will help you in a career further down the line.

With modern technology, you have endless courses at your disposal to try and improve yourself as a future candidate for any potential employer. It also shows the desire and commitment you have to improving yourself.

Speak to potential employers about some form of an internship, to get a feel for what office life might be like. This will help you pick up important lessons about yourself and how you will cope with the change in the future. We have created a few opportunities for athletes at MA Sports and it was mutually beneficial for both parties, and a really enjoyable experience.

Find Help

It is understandable that being out of sync with the working world due to years of sport can leave you a little bit sheltered from the steps necessary to take when looking for a new job.

We have spent time over the years trying to perfect our program that helps athletes looking to move into the business world and luckily, we have a great team that implement these methods. We have built up a vast network of clients who we know would love to work with athletes and have seen first-hand how it can work.

Reach out to us and reach out to athletes you know who have gone through the same process, you will find out what worked for them, and get lots of helpful advice along the way to calm any nerves that might be there. We understand how tough a decision it can be and how difficult the process is, but we have prided ourselves in helping people in the same position and continue to do so.

Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about these experiences or if you are an athlete looking for a change of scenery, please reach out and we would be happy to help. 

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