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Q&A for Software Engineers with Ivana and Rafael

08 February 2021
Q&A for Software Engineers with Ivana and Rafael

Advice for Software Engineers​

Our Senior Consultant in Software Engineering, Ivana Leto, and Java Champion, Rafael Chinelato Del Nero, are going to run a series of informative sessions discussing important topics for Software Engineers.

In this first topic, Ivana and Rafael talk about the Irish Software Engineering market, working visas for candidates abroad, average salaries for Engineers of all levels and which the most attractive European countries are for foreign investors and why Ireland is one of them.

Question 1 
How difficult is it to get sponsorship to work as a Software Developer in Ireland?

Getting sponsorship can sometimes be difficult. You can have mid-level Engineering experience, however, it’s much easier if you are already quite senior.

Firstly, you would have to come to Ireland and find a company to sponsor you. You would then need to stay for two years in this company. After those two years, you would be able to apply for a Stamp 4 Visa. With this Visa, it’s much easier to get another job and obtain a higher salary, and then you would have the same rights as other European employees. This is the easiest way.

However, another option that some people are doing is to study in Ireland or perhaps do a Masters here. After this, you are able to get a 1G Visa and with this Visa, you can work in Ireland for two years without the necessity of a sponsorship. With a 1G Visa, you can also work as a contractor. When, those two years expire, you would again need to find a company that would sponsor you for two years and after that, you would be able to apply for the Stamp 4 Visa.

After 5 years in Ireland, you can apply for citizenship.

Question 2
Is it harder to get a job in Ireland while you are still in your own country? Or is it easier to come to Ireland first and then look for a job?

It’s easier if you come to Ireland first and then look for a job. This is because there are many smaller companies that struggle to find talent in Ireland. They will give sponsorship to people who still don’t have a Stamp 4 Visa so it can be easier if candidates are already in Ireland. It is also possible to get a job directly from your home country, however, you need to be really experienced for that – you need to be really employable! This means you need to be quite senior and you need to know the technologies that are in demand in Ireland.

So overall, it’s possible, but it’s easier if you are here in Ireland while looking for a new job.

The best way to find a job from abroad is to directly apply to a company website, connect with the right people on LinkedIn, and chat with recruiters. Recruiters know which companies will give sponsorships and would be able to share this information. So, connect and reach out to recruiters, and ask for their advice. At Mason Alexander, we are always here to help with this!

Question 3
What is the salary range for Intermediate, Senior, and Tech Lead Developers in Ireland?

For mid-level Engineers, the salary range would be approximately €50,000 to €75,000 depending on the experience of each Engineer.  

For Senior Engineers, the salary range in most companies would be about €80,000 to €90,000 - going up to approximately €95,000, depending on the level of experience.

And for Technical Leads this would be about €90,000 to €100,000. But again, this depends on experience. Some Engineers can get up to about €125,000 if they’re really experienced.

These salaries all also depend on your negotiation skills – which is when Recruiters at Mason Alexander become very useful for you!

Question 4
How is the market growth in Dublin ­– do you think more companies will relocate to Dublin?

Many companies want to invest in Ireland. A lot of companies have their HQs here. And now with Brexit, even more companies are building their HQs here now too.

The most popular countries for companies in Europe are Ireland, UK, Netherlands, and Germany. Ireland is very appealing for foreign companies for a number of reasons. The main one being that English is our first language. For example, if you compare this to Germany – German companies would prefer employees who already speak German. Also, corporate taxes in Ireland are very attractive for companies, as they tend to be lower than in most other countries. So this is a big factor too.

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