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Remote Onboarding 101

02 April 2020
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​There is no doubt that onboarding remotely is different from welcoming your new team member at your actual office. Simple welcoming gestures such as showing new starters to their desk, giving them a welcome package and introducing them to their new colleagues all have to be reimagined. Virtual or not, onboarding is crucial to ensuring new starters get up and running as quickly as possible, and also feel home at home in their team environment.

Read on to find tips on how to implement a smooth remote onboarding strategy and make your new employee feel welcome to the team (we do not address legal procedures and steps as these vary depending on the business and individual role).

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Welcome to the team!

Set up a company/team meeting and introduce the new employee to the team. You might not be physically close but you’ll all work closely together. Let your colleagues talk about their responsibilities and encourage your newbie to voice any questions they may have.

Compile a team mate list for your new starter including names, email addresses, roles, responsibilities and typical questions they get asked. This can be helpful and should be made available from the very beginning.

For example Anna, Accounting and Finance, Gets usually asked questions about Payrolls and Expenses