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Ensuring a Smooth Hiring Process During COVID-19 Lockdown

13 March 2020 by Jenny Kinmonth
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​There is no doubt that hiring processes will be affected by the news of the country-wide shutdown and the mass move to remote working. To ensure your hiring processes is affected as little as possible, we have compiled a list of steps you can take to make the transition to virtual onboarding as smooth as possible.



It is vital that all stakeholders in the hiring process are aware of the changes being made and the effects they will have. Hiring Managers and HR must discuss strategies for candidate management and how communication will be managed.


Candidate Interaction

Candidates must be informed of any changes being made in the hiring process and advised on steps they will have to take to ensure the hiring process can progress smoothly. This includes advising the candidate on programmes and platforms that will be used during the interviews, such as phone, video (skype, zoom etc.)


Advice for video/phone calls:

  • Ensure all parties are informed and have confirmed their availability and ability to join the meeting (e.g. laptops have the capability to video call)

  • Test the call and monitor audio and video quality

  • Before the call begins, ensure one person has been nominated to lead the meeting

  • Ensure that the person nominated to lead the meeting has introduced everybody individually (explaining their title and role to the candidate) before the meeting begins

  • Agree at the outset on what to do should the video freeze for more than a minute, (both people exit and log back in again/both sides turn the video off)


If you have any queries on how to ensure your hiring process runs smoothly during this time of unprecedented work turmoil, get in touch today!