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Top tips to successfully scale your business

02 December 2019 by Mason Alexander
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​Top tips to successfully scale your business

Scaling a business is hard, there are unavoidable challenges along the way, but it’s how you approach these situations that will make all the difference.

This year has seen unprecedented levels of uncertainty within the Irish market. The inflated economy, lack of clarification around Brexit and increasing cost of living have resulted in a turbulent year for scaling businesses in Ireland.

In order to shed some light on how to successfully scale a business we invited Dan Kiely (CEO and Co-Founder of Voxpro) and Aisling Hassell (VP of Community Support in Airbnb) to share their experience with us on how they made it to where they are today and what it takes to be a successful leader.

Both Dan and Aisling have exceptional backgrounds. Dan is co-founder (along with wife Linda) and CEO of Voxpro, a premium provider of beautiful customer experience, technical support and sales operations solutions to disruptive brands that are changing the world. Voxpro went from a 2 man band in Cork to currently employing over 6,500 people globally.

Aisling is an inspirational leader who has developed a very impressive career through working cross-functionally at a number of global multinationals. Aisling is now VP of Community Support at Airbnb where she is passionate about driving authentic, memorable customer experience.

Attendees were treated to food and drink in the Ivy as they listened to Aisling and Dan recount their professional journeys, how they scaled businesses and what steps they took to ensure future growth and success (check out the pics from the evening here!). Here were the main takeaways from the evening.


Don’t be afraid to hire big early

Strategic hires cannot be underestimated. Ensure you consult with industry experts in order to find the right fit for your organisation and don’t be afraid to offer fast when you find the right person. The right senior-level talent will pay their salary back in spades, it’s these people who will help get your business to where it wants to be.


Manage your talent

Every scaling company needs to work strategically with their in-house talent. Hiring right is vitally important for development. Don’t be afraid to transition people out of roles who aren’t performing. It is not their job to admit lack of suitability, it’s yours.


Chase Inspiration

Ireland is small so take any opportunity that arises to travel and get international experience. Get inspired by travelling the world and learn from others in different cultures. Every experience, whether good or bad, will teach you something.


Have fun along the way

Surround yourself with good people. Dan highlighted that he would be happy to go for a pint with every single person he works with!


Be Visible

In order to lead effectively, you must be part of the team. Ensuring synchronicity and strong communication with everyone will increase notoriety, openness and loyalty.


Set out your vision

Be sure to voice your vision early. As your business scales the vision may alter so be adaptable and pivot when you need to, change is inevitable.


Define your values

Set out values early, ingrain them quickly, and maintain them throughout the growth period. The longer you leave it, the harder this becomes to implement.


In summary, there is no set way to scale a business and certain challenges are unforeseeable but by being a strong leader you can scale quickly and with fewer hurdles.

If you are a CEO, looking to make your next strategic hire to help scale your business, get in touch today!