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26 August 2019 by Mason Alexander
Iggy And Leo

​Top 3 Benefits of Allowing Pets at Work

In honour of International Dog Day, we’ve highlighted the Top 3 benefits of pets in the workplace.

Would it surprise you to learn that  40% of Irish workers would like to see more workplaces allowing pets, with 32% more likely to apply for a job if they allowed pets?

And there’s some science behind this too: pets at work help reduce stress and increase productivity!


Reduced Stress Levels & Increased Productivity

2017 study, showed that having pets in the office proved to reduce stress amongst employees, with increased productivity levels.

We can all benefit from taking a few “breathers” throughout the day and petting an animal is shown to help people relax and boost our mood.


Team Bonding & Employee Happiness

Pets in the office are a great way to get teams interacting together – they can help make social interactions more comfortable and takes the conversation away from work. Studies have shown that workplaces that allow pets are generally happier with higher job satisfaction than those without.


Health Benefits

There are health benefits too! At Mason Alexander, when there is a dog in the office, we often see colleagues volunteering to take the dog for a walk. Getting some sporadic exercise, even if only for 10 minutes, throughout the day is excellent for the mind and body.


Mason Alexander prides itself as a flexible place to work. Be it working remotely or welcoming dogs in the office, we work hard to create an environment that removes the stresses we have come to accept as the norm.


If you’re thinking about creating a pet-friendly environment, there is some great advice about setting this up here.


Are pets allowed at your workplace? We would love to get your feedback on this!