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The Latest Insights and Trends in Tech

14 May 2019 by Mason Alexander
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​Mason Alexander’s Tech Growth and Digital Practice have compiled the latest insights and trends to bring you the latest update on the market!

Key Trend:

Fit within an organisation’s is vital. This can be anything from personality through to motivations and interests. Over the years, there’s been a definitive change in hiring priorities, and culture over experience is one that’s leading the way. EQ, leadership qualities, and coachability all contribute to the influence organisations see as vital to their bottom line. This isn’t about short-term gains, instead the long-play is proving to be far more valuable.

Organisations and Hiring Managers are looking for:

  • Coachability

  • Adaptability

  • High level of energy and work ethic

  • Ability to create relationships with people

  • Positive impact on colleagues


Hiring Managers are looking for people who fit the bill for attributes that aren’t found on a CV or LinkedIn profile: Personality & Culture Fit. Not surprisingly though, it’s the reason why nearly 50% of new hires either quit or are fired within the first 18 months of a new job – it’s just not the right fit.

Recent statistics we’ve seen show that 80% of the reason someone is hired is based on how well they will fit into a company and how coachable they will be.

This is something that thinkHRX (, a Mason Alexander venture, is highly focused on – delivering clients culture and employer brand (talent acquisition) consulting, and through the creation of a software platform that marries EQ & IQ at the start of the recruitment funnel, ending the need for the traditional CV.

Job Search trends in April – May:

More than ever, candidates are focused on career progression and workplace culture. People want to go to where there is a chance to grow, and stagnant progress is one of the leading reasons we are finding people are putting themselves on the market for new opportunities. We have also seen a marked increase in candidates stating learning and development, creativity, and meaningful work as critical drivers for change.



1. Leadership

Ireland is an attractive location for tech companies looking to scale their business across EMEA. As such, there has been a surge of start-up, scaling, and MNC’s basing their regional HQ in Ireland. This has put a strain on the local talent pool and is pressuring organisations to promote from within, perhaps prematurely. Therefore, there is an emphasis on learning and development programs, ensuring internal talent pipelines are robust and employees to take on leadership opportunities, as and when needed.

2. International Job Searchers

With so many tech companies setting up in Ireland, and the pressures on the local talent pool, we are seeing the start of a genuinely globalised country. International job seekers have put Ireland as one of their top focus/ destinations for career opportunities. Moreover, the influx of multilingual sales professionals has helped countless companies target new markets and implement their growth strategies across EMEA.

3. Not living up to the hype

Smaller tech firms are unable to compete for talent against companies like LinkedIn, Hubspot, Salesforce, and Google, who offer fantastic employee benefits, a great culture, and have strong employer brands.

As a smaller tech firm, if you’re targeting Millennials and Gen Y’s, it will be extremely challenging to attract someone away from the allure of the Facebooks and Googles. That’s where a well-connected, knowledgeable, and industry-respected team is of fantastic value. It’s a marketing job – how do you market your organisation and communicate your Employer Value Proposition to a new candidate? This is what the MA Tech team does successfully. We market opportunities and candidates. We match people and companies based on EQ and culture, followed by experience and hard-skills. What this means to you is a candidate that is 1/3 more productive, 3x more creative, and 90% less likely to quit!

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