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Are you a Newly Qualified Accountant? – Top tips on making your next move!

16 October 2018
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​Are you a newly qualified accountant? Ensure you are prepped to make the best move with these simple tips:

Research the Market!

As you are well aware, we are currently experiencing the strongest job market the country has seen in a decade. With the unemployment rate now at 5.4%, there is more choice than ever for newly qualified accountants looking for their first venture into Industry.

Know your Competition

With a very buoyant market comes great competition, there has never before been such a high quantity of newly qualified accountants coming out of contract from Big 4, from Top 10 right down to medium and boutique practices.

Meet Companies and Decision Makers

Don’t close yourself off to particular industry or company because of hearsay, do your own due diligence. A casual 20 minute coffee or a formal 1 hour interview will give you the best insight as to what a company can offer you and your career.

Network, Network, Network!

We all know jobs specs are outdated and regurgitated down through the years. They will give you very little indication as to what the culture, people and career opportunities a company can offer you. You need to find out for yourself, you need to meet people.

Understand the Latest Interview Culture

It is no longer common practice for the hiring manager to have free reign, the interview is now as much of an opportunity for candidates to inquire about the company as it is for the company learn out about them.

We want to empower candidates who are interviewing with clients to ask the right probing questions, be curious and identify what you want to get out of an interview. Practice makes perfect and meeting multiple hiring managers will immediately make you more comfortable in interview settings and enable you to perform to your potential.


In Mason Alexander we partner with both clients and candidates to facilitate introductions. We will guide you and support you through every step of the process to ensure your next career move is as smooth as possible.

If you are coming out of contract in the coming weeks, reach out for a confidential discussion and a detailed overview of the current market: