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MA Enable

Agile Talent, for a digital world.

Many companies face challenges in finding, onboarding, and efficiently deploying top talent in their organization. The top talent you do hire you want to deploy on the most exciting and impactful features. What if you had an agile talent pool to fill the gaps, help you scale and ship products on time and on budget?

In our conversations with customers, we have noticed a pattern of new pain points emerge. A need for flexible talent for agile implementation. Building a digital product has transformed over the last few years, but hiring processes are an artefact from another century. Hiring should be as agile as product development. We are fixing this.

MA Enable is tailored to companies and teams that need to move fast and hire expertise dynamically. Dedicated team or individual skilled developers, profiled specifically to match your scope, assembled and up and running instantly.

The MA Enable team will:

Mason Alexander - MA Enable
  • Help you build an entire product or feature team remotely

  • Enable you to embed your new team into your existing team, culture, and infrastructure

  • Augment your existing team with a Rockstar Developer, short or long-term

  • Build a full feature or module off-site and help you integrate it

  • Implement one of our Jumpstart features into your product (2FA, ML Image, or text recognition)

  • Reduce admin and risk as we take care of employment contract, payroll, benefits, and hardware

MA Enable Products:

  1. Enable Product Team – Full-stack Team Solution

  2. Enable Augment – Bring in an expert and embed them into your team

  3. Enable Jumpstart – Pre-made features integrated into your products

  4. Enable Feature – A fully customised module or feature, scoped spec’d, built, tested and deployed by us

  5. Enable Mix – Why not bring us in to fix a variety of your pain points with a mixture of the above products.