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5 Benefits of Working with a Recruiter When Job Searching

27 May 2021 by Sarah Connell
Benefit Working With Recruiter When Job Searching

Benefits of Working with a Recruiter​

Finding the perfect job is hard. Whether you’re looking to leave your current position or you're re-entering the workforce, the excitement of a new career is often hindered by the overwhelming task of job searching. You will have to go through many online job boards to find potential openings, perfect and tailor your CV and cover letter for each new job application, and sit around and wait for any sort of feedback from your applications – if you hear back from them at all!

This can be stressful and nerve-wrecking. We’ve all experienced it. But searching for your dream job should be exciting, especially once you finally land that perfect role you’ve been waiting for. To make this process easier for yourself, while also increasing the likeliness of finding that dream job, you should work with a recruitment agency, such as Mason Alexander. At Mason Alexander, we will match you with a job that suits your skills and experiences, while also matching you with a company that will fit your cultural preferences.

You gain several perks as a job seeker in a recruiter's candidate pool. Below are five reasons why you should work with a recruiter during your job search.

1. Recruiters save you time

Looking for a new job is time-consuming – it’s almost a job in itself! You will spend hours searching through job boards and sending out applications. But by working with a recruiter, you are essentially splitting the workload.

They know what jobs are out there that suit your experience and skills – and they have the connections and the relationships too. Simply put, using a recruiter saves you valuable time during your job search.

2. It’s completely free

As a job seeker, a recruitment agency, such as Mason Alexander, will not charge you anything for applying with them or using their services. This fee lies with the client who is looking for the ideal candidate for the role. Recruitment agencies are here to help you, but you are also helping them in their search for high-quality candidates to present to their clients.

3. Exclusive Jobs

Did you know that not all open positions are posted on job boards? Recruitment agencies often have access to jobs that are not yet public via traditional job boards and they also have access to exclusive jobs that are completely unavailable elsewhere 

One of the main reasons for this is that if companies use a recruitment agency, they usually won’t advertise the job themselves as well – probably because they don’t have the time to manage that process. So they are more than happy to leave finding new employees entirely in the hands of the experts instead.  

So you could be missing out on opportunities by relying only on job-search websites. Recruiters will point you towards job openings that are hard to find, but suitable for you. 

With more options to apply to, you have a better chance of receiving the job offer you want when you work with a recruiter.

4. Industry Expertise

Recruitment agencies are usually industry-specific, with jobs targeted at a specific job sector or specialism. At Mason Alexander, all our recruiters are experts in their industry and have plenty of years experience within their specialisms (for example Technology, Life Science, Financial Services, etc.). This means our recruiters are naturally equipped with existing knowledge of the industry and therefore detailed knowledge of the roles. This also means that our recruiters have the right connections and clients within these specialist areas.

This all translates into clarity of what is expected and provides you with informed insight into the company which, in turn, gives you the upper hand in the application process. This level of expertise can be a massive trump card when it comes to role-specific tips, such as certain things to include on your CV and things to mention during your interview.

5. Guidance and Support

A good recruiter will always have your best interests at heart. They will ensure not only your skills and experience fits the role, but that the role must suit you too – including career development opportunities, flexibility, salary, and cultural fit.

Your recruiter will have the market knowledge, skills, and experience to accurately assess whether there’s a match between you and a position. If they think there’s a good fit, they’ll set you up for the best chance of success – because they want you to succeed as much as you do. They will provide guidance on your CV and prepare you for the interview, while also advocating for you to your potential employer. Your recruiter will guide and support you through the whole process, provide feedback and ensure you’re confident throughout the whole application process

If you need any additional career advice or if you’re looking for your next career move, please feel free to contact Mason Alexander – we’re always here and happy to help with your job search!

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