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The Impact of Covid-19 on Employee Retention

13 April 2021
The Impact of Covid-19 on Employee Retention

Employee Retention and Covid-19

Keeping staff has become a key focus for companies as they navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic. Since March 2020, we've experienced a record high level of unemployment that created a 'buyers’ market', shifting the power from worker to employer. However, even though employers seem to have more power because the unemployment rate is still high, it's also balanced by workers having more choices over whom they work for. Companies are now competing for talent from around the world, who also have more options because they can work remotely.

On top of this, workers' expectations have shifted due to growing concerns around Covid. They are expecting much more from their employer than before the pandemic. Employers have to prioritise flexibility, safety, transparency, employee well-being, and technology when trying to win over talent or maintain their current workforce. Those who attempt to force workers into an unsafe environment will struggle to retain them, and as people become aware of situations like this, recruiting will also be an issue for them.

As we proceed through the COVID-19 pandemic and eventually navigate through the aftermath, one thing is very clear, the more we solve for human needs, the more we can create a highly engaged, healthy, and effective workforce. And, when workers are happy and productive, retention no longer becomes an issue. 

We have spent many months talking and listening; understanding the challenges and designing solutions for our clients who have seen lots of change in their organisations. Thankfully most of it positive; however, there are always challenges around technology, design and, delivery. We recently conducted research into retention during the COVID-19 pandemic and we are pleased to present our insights and findings.

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