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Attracting and Retaining Taletn – MA Senior Appointments

09 October 2019 by Mason Alexander
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​Attracting and Retaining Top Talent – MA Senior Appointments


With the employment rate at an all-time high, attracting talent is a challenge but retaining key talent is the real difficulty.

The term “war for talent” refers to the extremely competitive market we face today, whereby companies are crying out for the best people to join their organisation. The power is now in the hand hands of the job seeker and the question is, what are candidates actually looking for?

It wasn’t too long ago that getting a job in a big corporate company was at the top of every ambitious candidates’ list. Fast forward a few years, and it has become increasingly obvious that this is no longer the case. Large organisations are finding it increasingly difficult to compete with exciting start up’s in the fast-paced recruitment race for top talent.

Why you may ask? We all know the way we work is changing, job seekers are searching for more meaningful work where they have a significant impact and can add value to a company. It is no longer about salary anymore, but a flexible working environment, autonomy, exposure and growth opportunity. The story behind a company is what attracts talent today – and the vision of that company, where they are going and of course the people and values at the core of it all.

Tips on how to attract top talent:

  1. Create a

    to engage talent – when you manage to create and sustain a great culture, your employees have a high level of engagement. The result can be tremendously positive, and can even lead to internal recruitment solutions i.e. internal referrals. If employees believe in the company and their values they will inevitably encourage others to work there.

  2. Build a powerful employer brand – candidates will always research a companies’ reputation before applying for any job opening.

  3. Companies that become employers of choice treat people well. Treating people well starts with having an interview process where candidates are respected and informed at every step.

  4. Value the time of others as you value yours. Don’t take too long to make a decision, if you do you will most likely lose out on a good hire to a competitor.

  5. Get your leaders to promote, Encourage your top leaders, as well as more junior employees, to offer themselves as speakers to local groups and professional organisations where your future talent can be found.


Tips on how to retain your top talent :

  1. Learning and development – Invest in your employee’s

  2. Career development, present them with opportunities to grow

  3. Rewards and recognition, it is important companies recognise employees when they are working hard or excelling at their current position

  4. Flexibility – take care of your employees and they will take care of the business

  5. Teamwork and Teambuilding – who doesn’t want to be part of a high performing team


Attracting top talent doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time and must be viewed as a long term objective. Your employees are your assets – the tools you need to scale, don’t neglect the importance of investing in your people, both new and existing! You won’t regret it!

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