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Q4: MA Tech Market Insights

13 November 2018
Technology Market Insights – Q4 2018

​ Brendan Hennessy, our Senior Principal Consultant on our Technology Division, gives us his insights into what he is seeing from clients moving into the last quarter of the year.


As many clients enter Q4 and as the final push of the year to hit hiring targets nears, we are seeing two really striking contrasts. The first is that some companies and hiring IT managers are setting into panic mode as their yearly budgets, which were provided at the start of the year, still haven’t being used up. This is a common trend we see in Q4 and it can lead to a number of companies starting to aggressively push to hire as much as possible before year end, due to the fact that those budgets can’t be carried over to next year (Use it or lose it!).


One the other hand, another trend is that a number of companies are looking to consolidate what they have for the remainder of the year, and have used most of their budget at this stage. 



Some other interesting trends we are seeing in the market of late is that company’s tech teams are finding it hard to attract talent as a result of so many candidates looking for remote working or work from home options. From speaking to active candidates in the local Dublin market there are two companies in particular that are really ahead of the game on this, MasterCard and ConsenSys.


This trend of tech teams in particular becoming more decentralised is something that we have notice over the past 12 months in particular. It is interesting to see how others in the market will react to this moving into 2019 as the war for talent continues to become more intense!


On a final note for this MA Tech update, we have noticed a number of development managers commenting on how they are struggling to find full stack engineers for their teams who can offer the required skills on both backend and front-end development. A note to engineers looking to make a move in early 2019 – hiring managers are looking for people who are upskilling with different technologies and frameworks across the full stack.


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