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Mason Alexander Takes on Ireland’s Fittest Company Challenge

20 October 2017
Mason Alexander Ireland’s Fittest Company Challenge

Mason Alexander registered to take on Ireland’s Fittest Company 5km Challenge. With a professional rugby player, a professional tennis player & a professional cricket player amongst our team of staff – we figured our chances of victory would be pretty high.

We strategically planned our team of runners and nothing was going to stop us, not even the torrential rain!

We are a highly competitive team here at Mason Alexander and our only struggle was deciding as to who would take on the most challenging part of the race, the big 5km, as everyone wanted to try it!

Associate Director, Eoin Connolly took on the 5km leg of the challenge, joined by Researcher Bobby at the 4km mark. Intern Hugo whizzed around to join them at the 3km mark followed by Researcher, Jane & Recruiter, Katie at the 2 km& 1km marks.

We had Office Manager, Jenny & Senior Consultant, Maria as cheerleaders on hand for support, provision of Fulfill Bars and of course – in charge of Boomerangs.

It was a great moment to watch all the teams finish together hand in hand as they crossed the finish line. We were delighted with our group 5km total time of 25.20. Unfortunately no trophies for the Mason Alexander team on this occasion. Well done to the winning teams on the day.

A very well run event and we look forward to taking part next year (hopefully in warmer weather!). A highly recommended challenge for team bonding!

It can sometimes be hard to find time to take a break and pull yourself away from your desk at work. Sometimes the best thing for you is some fresh air! It is great to see the whole team come together as one and we are proud to have taken on the challenge.

Side Note:

We are currently recruiting for ex Professional Sprinters and Long Distance Runners to work at Mason Alexander!