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Rob Kearney – Embrace the Change

27 September 2017
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People are afraid of change, they fear the unknown.

Playing rugby for his province & country, Mason Alexander’s Director, Rob Kearney, describes the daunting feeling you experience as an athlete in that you can never predict the future of when you are going to retire and when you will have to make that transition. It could be this year or it could be in 5 years time.

It is good to be prepared for these changes in your life. When looking for career advice and when making big life decisions, it is important to get honest feedback and to turn to the people who understand you the most, and know you best – the people you trust.

Change is something that everyone goes through, it is inevitable. It is really important to embrace the change. Find a new love, find a new passion.

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We have also recently launched our Sports Division – Mason Alexander Sports who specialise in Athlete Career Transition.