Mason Alexander was born out of two things.

  • A human capital industry that is becoming more and more reliant on technology and our desire to make it more personable.
  • Our ambition to create a company where people are genuinely passionate about what they do.

Like every industry, recruitment has benefited from technology, but in a business that relies so heavily on relationships and people skills, technology cannot replace it. It is our mission to keep recruitment true to its core values and ensure all Mason Alexander employees know their markets and personally know the people in them. The ability to build an understanding and a relationship with someone can never be replaced by a computer.

From our own personal experience, a lot of recruitment firms just look for quick, easy ways to make fees with little purpose and a lack of development and direction of its employees. We want to be part of something different. Our “why”, is to give every employee of Mason Alexander the platform to achieve everything that they want to achieve. To give them the confidence and encouragement to be the very best they can be. And because of this, our clients deal with highly motivated, well connected head-hunters who deliver results.

We are not just about ‘placing people in jobs’. Although we do that very well, Mason Alexander is about something more than that. Our vision is to become a firm that is renowned for being passionate about people, who will change the current age of recruitment.